Living rooms and studies

In order to achieve the harmony of comfort and beauty of such a functionally complex space, one should particularly take into account the establishment of balance of all the elements. One of the features of STILLES program is the furniture made-to-measure with wide possibilities  with which different styles can be harmonized with different materials. Elegant and modern lines, the balance of forms, colours and fine details are the elements which refine the area of the living room  in the best possible way, and all of this is tangible in STILLES showroom.


A bedroom, more than other room in the house, should offer the feeling of calm and relaxing atmosphere. This area is devoted to sleeping, resting and relaxing. DODING program for the interior of bedrooms offerS the well known SOGAL wardrobes in addition to modern and comfortable beds. In this made-to-measure program, there are dressing tables, nightstands, cupboards and shelves as unavoidable elements  of every well furnished bedroom.

Children’s bedrooms

Children and teenagers feel very special when it comes to their bedrooms. The choice of furniture for such an interior should be functional, practical and easy to maintain, but the decoration and the choice of colours are not negligible at all. For this purpose DODING’s palette of  colours is wide: from tender pastel tones to bright colours.  The space for children should be inspiring, comfortable and free.

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